Premature Ejaculation Control Methods - Which Ones Will Allow You to Last Longer in Bed Tonight?



This article reveals exactly which premature ejaculation control methods will allow you to last longer in bed tonight. I went from a "minute man" to a "marathon man" using very specific yet very simple techniques that any man can easily duplicate.


Making love to 2 women at once is a fantasy that many men have. I have been fortunate to be in this situation lately, so I though I would put some tips based on my experiences. The following is the 2 women and one man combination, but the tips could be applied for other combinations.


Giving a female an orgasm isn't all about wizz bang super ninja multiple orgasm g-spot techniques (try saying that 3 times fast...) It's about tuning into her mind and responding to her body. In this article I'll teach you the 3 keys you need to ensure your lover has the orgasm she deserves.